The Best Stain Remover

Monday. It’s not like I have to get up and GO to work per se, or shower, or whatever (no judging), but Monday still FEELS like Monday.  We can at least get out of the house on Mondays because we have swim lessons in town with Lillian, and I guess with Weston, but the last two weeks I’m just too lazy to get him undressed, bathing suit on, and swim diaper on to see him “swim” in the pool for like .5 seconds.

Anywho, Lillian is almost two and today was the FIRST day she didn’t scream absolute bloody murder during it.  Like, how much more fun is it to swim and not be hyperventilating at the same time? Now she knows. I hope.

Driving back out to the cottage from swim Lillian usually falls asleep. Weston is still a little finicky since he is still young, so today I got him out and we just were chillin on the floor playing with this toy that seriously gets on my nerves.  But, my kids just love it. So, I bare with it.

If you’re a mom of a spitter upper, you are going to know what I’m talking about.  Sitting, playing with the littlest love of your life, and you hear it.  That gurgling, wet, slightly volcanic rumbling sound that comes from your baby.  You hesitate… did that just come from my precious baby? Oh no, did it come out immediately? Or is it going to be like a self timer on a camera.. counting down to the seconds that super gross spit up comes out.

Ugh. Talking about it grosses me out.  Lillian never spit up and she was my first child.  Ok, so like 5 times a little milk came out and when I’d talk to people who’d ask if she spit up a lot I’d casually be like, “Yea she spits up a decent amount.” I could pretty much wipe it away by rubbing it between my fingers.

Come to find out my vision was skewed.  This kid is like a slushy machine, never giving up and always ready to reload.  You know the worst part, right? When you feed them carrots or something crazy like the mango, banana, sweet potato mix 2 hours ago and the spit up is STILL an angry orange color.  The worst, when all that delightful mess gets on your freaking carpet.. a hundred times, because it never stops.

Rugs are so expensive, too.  I mean depending on the rug, a loan or even selling your soul seems like the only option to pay for that prized rug you’ve been dreaming about for a particular room in your house.  Luckily, the one I have in the cottage living room is from TJMaxx.  So, all I had to do is wait in a line 18 miles long to pay for it.  Still, I had patches of orange stains all over my rug and I wanted them gone.

Kurt and I got married 4 years ago coming up very soon, August 10th actually (which reminded me it’s coming up – thanks for the reminder Jena) and for a wedding gift, my sister in law gave me this Bissell LittleGreen ProHeat Deep Reach (did you get all that?) carpet cleaner machine. (Get it on Amazon for under $125!) We don’t have a dog or anything and we didn’t have kids so I was like “Thanks” and put it in a storage room and never touched it, until recently.

The other night as I was sitting on the couch, surveying what looked like Cheetos stains all over my rug, I decided to go home and get the damn thing.  Once I plugged it in, I sprayed a little OxyClean Stain remover on the stains, powered that carpet machine up, and you know what happened? Those stains came out IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  I couldn’t have been more excited, dancing around screaming “Hallelujah”! All those stains came out. If you don’t have this, or you have a dog, or a spitter upper, or some other human in your household that makes a mess on the carpet, then you need to get it! It was one of the best gifts I ever received without even knowing I’d ever need it.

Pros: Gets all the stains out. Small, easy to store, easy to use. Awesome product for the price.

Cons: None, except Weston spit up all over the rug while writing this. So, back to work!

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